Assessments & Reporting

In Primary, children’s progress will be monitored through:

  • Regular termly teacher assessment, using our national curriculum objectives tracking database in Maths, Reading and Writing
  • Sitting bi-annual tests, including SATS practice papers for Year 2 and Year 6
  • Effective feedback and marking

We send end-of-year progress reports home to parents.


In Secondary, we will use the following types of assessment:

  1. FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT, which is Assessment FOR Learning. It is ongoing and provides evidence of and for progression in learning. It supports learning through identifying difficulties, providing feedback and diagnosing future learning priorities. Examples: • Class work • Homework • Questioning • Oral Discussion • Presentation • Short Recall Test • Practical Project • Research
  2. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT, which is Assessment OF Learning. It is used mainly to measure performance and clearly identifies a standard of pupil attainment. It is carried out at the end of a period of learning. Examples: • Internal School Examinations • End of Topic/Unit Tests • Standardised Tests •

We send end-of-year progress reports home to parents.